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  核心提示:With the rapid development of the Internet industry, more and more foreign games are flooding into t...


  With the rapid development of the Internet industry, more and more foreign games are flooding into the Chinese game market. Video games have gradually penetrated into peoples daily life, and both online games and stand-alone games have many natical players. Just like a gentle "cultural invasion", people learn, enjoy and feel in the game. They spend their spare time in this unique way of entertainment and enrich their minds.随着互联网行业的蓬勃发展,越来越多的国外游戏如潮水般涌入中国游戏市场。电子游戏已逐步渗透到了人们的日常生活中,无论是网络游戏还是单机游戏都有着无数狂热的玩家。就像是一场温柔的文化入侵,人们在游戏中学习、享受和,用这种独特的娱乐方式业余时间,充实着自己的心灵。

  Like ns looking forward to seeing foreign movies with Chinese subtitles, players also want to play imported games that translate foreign languages into Chinese, which naturally needs to be translated into chinese. For the vast majority of Chinese players, they want to have a thorough experience of these excellent games, either learn a pure foreign language, play an original game, or just wait for a finished version, which is obviously more realistic. Thus to promote the development of Chinese translation industry, game companies and agents of internal recruitment master and authorized to constitute the formal Chinese team, some domestic interested parties gathered also founded the folk group translation talents. The two together to fill the gaps in the lack of Chinese game works, folk and Chinese official Chinese all have advantages and disadvantages, as well made them, also, dumbfounding Its loopholes appeared one after another. defective".与影迷期待看到有中文字幕的国外电影一样,玩家们也希望能够玩到将外文翻译为中文的进口游戏,这自然而然地需要用到汉化。就现在绝大多数中国玩家而言,想彻底体验这些优秀的游戏大作,要么学好纯正的外语玩原版游戏,要么就只能坐等汉化版本,显然后者更为现实。如此一来便推动了翻译汉化行业的发展,游戏公司和代理商内部招募高手并授权组成正式的汉化团队,国内一些兴趣人士也集结各方人才成立了民间翻译小组。二者共同填补了游戏作品缺失中文的空白,民间汉化与中文各有各的优势和劣势,它们中既有精良的佳作,也有、让人哭笑不得的次品。

Many games at the beginning of the popular, and no one to start the Chinese finished, although this is very authentic, does not affect the game experience, but for the new "Meng Meng" is still a little difficult to get started很多游戏在开始流行的时候并没有人去着手汉化,虽然这很原汁原味也并不影响游戏体验,但对于刚接触的萌新来说还是略感不易上手的


  As the first impression of a game, the quality of the name determines the attractiveness of the game to a certain extent. No matter how well the game is made and how the content is made, the naming can not hit the human heart and seize the main points, which will affect the development of the domestic market. Looking at the current situation of translation, literal translation (or machine translation) is still the most common, rapid and violent methods, like "occupation" ("Evolution Soccer Winning Eleven") and "Neverwinter Nights", "resident evil", "Final Fantasy" category, can directly make the early game player to understand the content of the game. But literal translation are not exhaustive, the name of the game is worth some better and more appropriate names, names and even some are not suitable for this method to be lost to formerly shown in the translation after the meaning of the decision is to be based on the name of the game over and over.作为游戏给予人的第一印象,名称的好坏在一定程度上决定了对玩家的吸引度。无论游戏制作如何精良、内容如何出彩,命名不能直击、抓住要点就将影响在国内市场上的发展。纵观目前的翻译状况,直译(或为机翻)依旧是最普遍、快速、的方法,像《职业进化足球》(《胜利十一人》)、《无冬之夜》、《生化危机》、《最终幻想》一类,都能直观地让玩家初步了解游戏的内容。但是直译并非面面俱到,一些游戏的名称值得更好、更恰当的译名,甚至有些不适合此方法的名称在翻译过后会原名想表现出来的意思,由此名称的决定权还是要基于游戏内容再三考虑。

  The KaneLynch:Dead Man was originally translated as "Kaine and Lynch: the dead". Literally, Kaine and Lynch were two dead people, or their presence meant the dead. Who is playing the game everyone knows that this is not the original title, Kaine and Lynch are the fugitive, in the ce of difficulties, life and death, but also had a hail of bullets "the true meaning of Dead Man escape from death in a great catastrophe," the table in a glance, so after the modification of a "killer" is widely accepted.动作游戏《KaneLynch:Dead Man》最初的翻译为《凯恩与林奇:》,按照字面意思来看,凯恩和林奇是两个,或者说他俩的存在就代表着要。但凡是玩过游戏的人都知道这并不是标题的初衷,凯恩与林奇俩人亡命天涯,面对重重困难、枪林弹雨、却还能不死,Dead Man的真正含义便表露地一览无遗,因此修改之后的译名《喋血双雄》得到了更为广泛的接受。

"Professional evolution football" or "live football"? I think weve already got the answer《职业进化足球》还是《实况足球》?想必大家心中早已有了答案

  Another example of horror shooting game "F.E.A.R", translated into "extreme panic" understandable, not only distinct personality, but also close to the theme. But people generally ignore the word "F.E.A.R", in ct, the subtitle "First Encounter Assault Recon" is abbreviated, which is similar to the American special forces S.W.A.T. If it is the first contact with the work of the player, only from the title is unable to know the protagonist of the game belongs to the presence of the troops. Indeed, the localization of "f.e.a.r" is what seems to be lacking, but what kind of love are more game player is all ok.再比如恐怖射击游戏《F.E.A.R》,翻译成《极度恐慌》无可厚非,既个性鲜明也贴近主题。但人们都普遍忽视了F.E.A.R一词其实是副标题《First Encounter Assault Recon》缩写而来,这跟美国特种部队S.W.A.T有着异曲同工之处。如果是第一次接触此作品的玩家,仅从标题是无法知道游戏中主角所属部队的存在的。诚然,汉化为《超能特警组》就似乎少了点什么,至于玩家们更喜欢哪种就各取所好吧。

不得不承认的是,古墓丽影相比于盗墓者(Tomb Raider)来说是个绝佳的命名

  Some of the games name consists of only one to two words, but this is often difficult in the process of localization. After extended a wide range determines the translation or either Tastes differ all tastes., flat and uninteresting, cannot understand. Game player or translator for their own needs, will be the name of self perception and cognition, thus forming too literally translation to cilitate acceptance and dissemination purposes. This should be a phenomenon that needs to be stopped, but inevitably happens all the time.有些游戏的名字仅由一到两个简单词汇组成,但这种往往都是汉化过程中难以拿捏的。引申范围较广就决定了翻译之后的众口难调,要么索然无味,要么理解不能。玩家们或翻为了自身需求,会对这些名称加以感觉和认知,从而形成望文生义的翻译来达到方便接受和的目的。这本应是需要杜绝的现象却在不可避免地时刻发生着。

  The first to talk about the mous "half life", the name has left an indelible imprint on the most senior game player in mind. "Half-Life" in Oxford AdvancedLearner dictionary interpretation is: The time taken for the RADIOACTIVITY of a substance to ll to half its original value, translates roughly as "half life". This word seems like some science fiction, but it has a necessary connection with the game, and it matches the content. In contrast, the more love game player, "half life" this easy to accept the name, no one will go for the translation of what is wrong with the game, through the introduction of a mistake will Huobian become the focus of discussion on both sides of the Changjiang River, each game player in love.先来说说大名鼎鼎的《半条命》,其译名早已在大多数资深玩家脑海中留下了不可磨灭的印记。Half-Life在高阶英汉双解词典中的释义为:The time taken for the RADIOACTIVITY of a substance to ll to half its original value,翻译过来大致就是半衰期的意思。这个词汇看似有些科幻,却与游戏有着必要的联系,且和内容相符。相比之下,玩家更喜欢半条命这个容易接受的命名,没有人会去追究此种翻译有何不妥,游戏一经引进就以讹传讹火遍,成为了每个热爱游戏的玩家口中讨论的焦点。

From the name of the section, "the correct translation should be" Monument Valley "Monument Valley", and Corrados little giant Gufeng group relation从名称的分段来看,《谷》的正确译名应为《·谷》,与美国科拉多州的巨型孤峰群关系不大


  Another popular work, The Witcher, was translated as a wizard for granted and continued. The word "Witcher" does not exist in the English dictionary, because "witch" Witch of Italy, the translator and the game player will think "Witcher" should be the wizard or wizard. Combination of games and novels in the original analysis, it is called "demons" or "demon hunter" is more appropriate, more in line with the protagonist in the Magic World Bank World Tour mercenary image.另一部人气大作《The Witcher》被理所当然地译为《巫师》且延续下来。Witcher一词并不存在于英文字典之中,由于witch有女巫之意,和玩家便联想到witcher应该是男巫或者巫师了。结合游戏和原版小说分析,可以得出取名为《猎魔人》或《狩魔猎人》更加恰当,也更符合主角在魔幻世界中行游天下的雇佣兵形象。


  The development of electronic games is bound to strengthen the exchange of different cultural fields, and its content also involves all kinds of peoples lives and all aspects of society. Therefore, in the translation of the translator has put forward higher requirements, the lack of professional knowledge or on the differences between the different culture and language understanding is minimal, the final translation either completely unintelligible or just passable. The Chinese is not only the words together, also should give more consideration to the game developers want to express aspects, whether it is the game of translation, or translators to understand and accept the game player ability, this kind of culture collision is subtle.电子游戏的发展势必加强了不同文化领域的交流,其内容也涉及到了人们生活中的种种和社会的各个方面。因此在翻译上对提出了更高的要求,缺乏专业的知识或者对不同的文化、语言之间的差异了解甚微,最后得到的翻译要么差强人意,要么就完全不知所云。汉化不仅仅是词语的,还应该更多地考虑到游戏开发者想要表达的方方面面,无论是游戏对翻译的影响,还是对玩家理解、接受能力的影响,这种文化的碰撞都是潜移默化的。

  As the most unforgettable one of the classic game player 80, "contra" carries many memories of childhood. Indeed, this name is concise and catchy, without any modification of the best choice, but few people know its origin. The game was originally called "Contra", English transliteration into Japanese after the corresponding Chinese characters is "contra" in Japanese, Italian as excellent fighting ability and quality of the people. This shows that appeared in the Japanese version of the FC "contra" opening animation, but in almost all domestic contact us version, these words are not miliar with the Japanese game player will undoubtedly become a decoration, not aware of the cultural differences between the translator will not understand the intention of the naming game.作为大多数80后玩家难以忘却的经典之一,《魂斗罗》承载了许多人美好的童年回忆。的确,这个命名简洁精炼、朗朗上口,是无需再做任何修改的最佳选择,却很少有人知其由来。游戏英文原名Contra,音译成日文后对应的汉字即为魂斗罗,在日语中意为具有优秀战斗能力和素质的人。此番说明在日版FC《魂斗罗》的开场动画中出现过,然而当年国内几乎都是接触的美版,这段话对于不熟悉日语的玩家来说无疑成为了摆设,没有意识到文化差异的也会无法游戏命名的用意。


  "Super Marie" the correct name of "super Mario brothers" naturally needless to say, and Mario in 1981 "King Kong" when it was born in the name of a supporting role without a name. Until an accidental opportunity, the American Nintendo division found a warehouse whose appearance and behavior were very similar to that of the role, uncle Mario...《超级玛丽》的正确名称《超级马里奥兄弟》自然是不用多说的,而马里奥在1981年《大金刚》里诞生之初时还是个没有名字的配角。直到一次偶然的机会,美国任天堂分部的工作人员发现了一位相貌与举止都和这个角色极其相似的仓库大叔Mario...

  "GTA", which is based on the theme of high degree of freedom, real reduction and violent crime, has gained a lot in the hearts of many players. Its name is "Grand Theft Auto", which is widely used in the industry for more than ten years. "Grand Theft Auto" from the British police said the term "Motor vehicle theft", representing "car thief", and this kind of crime in the United States known as the "GTA", it is not hard to understand the game "Grand Theft Auto" named. After the acquisition of the original developer by Take-Two, the "Grand Theft Auto" brand has been preserved and has been in use ever since. But time flies, GTA series of development to now is no longer the car run away - - killing mode, rich gameplay let freedom always maintain the vigor and freshness, also led to a lot of game player prefers or referred to as "run amuck" as the translation of the game.以高度、真实还原、犯罪为主题的《GTA》在众多玩家心中获得了一席之地,其名号侠盗猎车手在业界广为流传,一用就是十几年。Grand Theft Auto一说来源于英国警方的术语Motor vehicle theft,可意为偷车贼,而此类犯罪在美国即被称作GTA,这也就不难理解游戏《侠盗猎车手》的命名了。原开发商被Take-Two收购后,《侠盗猎车手》这个品牌还是被保存了下来并沿用至今。但时光荏苒,GTA系列发展到现在早已不是当年的偷车-跑-模式了,丰富的玩法让之都始终保持着活力与新鲜感,也就导致了很多玩家更倾向用简称或来作为游戏的译名。


  The "watchdog", a cheat on the meaning of his derogatory, can also refer to uphold ir and objective stance of the media, is the representative of public supervision of government behavior, or "people of the loyal dog". Of course, the specific characters of the game are decided by the players, whether it is a true killer or a real judicial sanction看门狗,贬义上有欺人仗势的门卫之意,也可指、客观立场的,是代表监督行为的人,或称之为人民的忠犬。当然,游戏主角具体的形象还是由玩家来决定的,是当个不折不扣的狂还是货真价实的司法制裁者皆可行

  In addition, due to differences in language and regional culture, the most frequently used non Chinese translation of names on the list is the mous "old roll" which comes from their hands. There are corresponding: the "mirror of the edge", "agent", "beauty" -- "Pokemon fist shinpo fist", "Final Fantasy", "soldiers", "space survival Road" -- the "resident evil forces", "Titan" -- "ready", "need for speed" "pleasure" - st, "r cry" -- "r cry" and so on, some of which are synthetic imagination and machine translation, there is a mistake simply start the broken pot broken. The name displayed in the game player, all sorts of strange things in front, the latter is often confused, do not rely on any tips can associate with what the game on the world. Not to mention whether Taiwans translation is pursuing a "eye-catching" stunt, but the traditional translation emphasizes "letter, reach, elegance" principle, it basically achieved "three non touch""另外,因语言、地域文化的差异,在取名上闹笑话次数最多的非台译莫属了,著名的老滚便出自他们之手。相对应的还有:《镜之边缘》--《靓影特工》、《口袋妖怪之拳》--《神宝拳》、《最终幻想》--《太空战士》、《之》--《恶灵》、《泰坦陨落》--《准备迎接》、《极品飞车》--《极速快感》、《孤岛惊魂》--《极地战嚎》等等,其中有的是机翻与想象的合成品,还有的是一开始就弄错了索性破罐子破摔的。这些千奇百怪的命名展现在玩家面前时,后者往往一头雾水,不依靠任何提示还能联想到跟什么游戏有关就惊为天人了。且不说台译是否在追求一种吸引眼球的噱头,光是传统翻译重视的信、达、雅原则它就基本做到了沾。

A name so violent for the adorable style为呆萌的画风起了一个如此的名字


  As r as a game is concerned, the biggest obstacle to understanding is "what should I do" and "what did I do?"". Title did not take good, but also as a ce project is not in place, but if there is deviation in the body, it will affect the entire game experience. The name is All flowers bloom together., involving aspects include not resigned to playing second fiddle, these problems. Like the popular "kick tooth granny", the literal translation is also active in other games: when the word "wonder" is used as a noun, it can be interpreted as "wonder" and "miracle". However, some translators did not notice it, the "age of Empires" in the occasional word "built to know" who let game player confused; 3DS role-playing game "demon treasure dream: the sun / Moon" launched a new battle system "Battle Royal", in the translated as "Royal war", and the four stage game player melee rules do not match. In ct, "Royal" should be understood as "winning" here, and "battle royal" is a common vocabulary of fighting games, used to refer to three or more than three people melee, the mous film "Battle Royale" the English name "Battle Royale" against this, so popular it is the "Chaos" and "melee" or "king of the war".就一款游戏而言,最大的理解障碍莫过于我该干什么和我干了什么。标题没取好还只能算是面子工程不到位,但本体上若有偏差势必影响整个游戏的体验效果。名称百花齐放,内容也不甘示弱,涉及的方面包含了上述种种问题。类似风靡一时的踢牙老奶奶,直译(机翻)的身影也活跃于其他游戏中:当wonder作为名词时,它可以被理解成奇观、奇迹之意。然而某些却没有注意到这点,使得《帝国时代》里偶尔出现的一句话建造了想知道让玩家们困惑不已;3DS角色扮演游戏《精灵宝可梦:太阳/月亮》推出了一个全新的对战系统Battle Royal,官中将其翻译为皇家对战,与四名玩家台上混战的规则不相吻合。事实上,royal在此处应理解为决胜,而battle royal是格斗比赛中常见的词汇,用来泛指三人或三人以上的多人混战,著名电影《大逃杀》的英文名Battle Royale就映衬了这一点,由此通俗的说法可以是大乱斗、混战模式或王者之战。


  When it comes to the ability to create words and phrases, the Chinese language team is always in the lead. Such as brain hole wide open "Gothic Metal illegitimate child", this kind of artistic conception is a distorted living do "dull remarks died over". In "the Elder Scrolls: one named" Broken Fang Cave "where the sky", translators around the word "Fang" playing ncy operation, combined with English pinyin "cave cave" and "break the cave" etc.abound.谈及创造词句的能力,汉化组始终都处于领跑状态。诸如脑洞大开的哥特式金属私生子,这种活生生扭曲意境的手法可谓是做到了语不惊人死不休。在《上古卷轴:天际》里有个名为Broken Fang Cave的地点,就围绕着 ng一词玩起了花式操作,结合英文与拼音的塌方洞穴、破防洞穴等比比皆是。


  "Broken Fang Cave" this is a small city located in the west of Syracuse underground, and "Fang" as a proper noun refers to a certain animal or animal, canine ngs, horn, used to represent the cave perennial vampire and the skeleton of suffering oppression over broken bone is just about right here, so "broken teeth point", "broken tooth hole" could be regarded as the correct translation; Ps strategy game "Vitoria" there is a legend of Linden Van, "said Lyndon 000, undead generals, and her sisters Lyndon, two people traveled every inch of land" of the earth. "A hero with no fear, no matter where the oppression, she will be the first time arrived at the scene, the organization launched the revolution". Thus, linden Wan was crowned as the "savior of the poor" and "real internationalist". When the latter realize the game randomly generated rebel leader deult is "Lead One" and "Lead Two", this beautiful misunderstanding will let people feel praise.Broken Fang Cave本是一个坐落在雪城西面的小型地下城,而ng为特指某些动物或兽类的尖牙、毒牙、角的专有名词,在这里用来代表洞穴内常年不见天日的吸血鬼和遍地的尸骸碎骨是恰到好处的,因此断齿穴、碎齿洞都可视作正确的译名;P社旗下的策略游戏《维多利亚》中存在着一位传奇人物—林登·万, 林登·万,人称不死将军,与她的姐妹林登·图,两人的足迹踏遍了地球的每一寸土地,一个不畏的大英雄,无论哪里发生了,她都会第一时间赶到现场,组织发动。于是乎,林登·万被冠之以穷苦人民的救星、真正的国际主义者而流传于玩家群体。当后者认识到游戏随机生成的叛军头领默认即为Lead One、Lead Two等时,这场美丽的误会不知会让者们作何感想。

  In the FC game rising time, some bad manucturers in order to seize the domestic market as soon as possible, made a lot of ridiculous and helpless things. In addition to creating a series of "contra", they will also tentacles they are not good at speaking, to deceive the game player shouted "demon treasure may dream of gold / silver" has become a vivid example. Because of the technical conditions of the poor, set stumped game wizard name and moves only five characters of the translator, and the final sequencing errors, enter text, will have a "st break and issued death ray", translated as "mast play boxing" this phenomenon. There are similar: egg - Kobayashi, O Iwa: the way of grass, typhlosion - mud, cyndaquil - Ming LAN, make people feel that this play is not the same game.在FC游戏迅速升温的时间里,一些不良厂商为了尽快抢占国内市场,弄出了许多啼笑皆非而又无可奈何的事情。除开创造了一系列的《魂斗罗》外,他们还将伸向了自己不擅长的汉化领域,令玩家大呼坑爹的《精灵宝可梦 金/银》就成为了鲜明的例子。因为自身技术条件的不过关,游戏中精灵名字和招式只限五个字符的设定难倒了,加之最后录入文字时排序错误,也就有了快龙发出死光而翻译为肥大出饰拳这一现象了。与之类似的还有:蛋蛋--小林、大岩蛇--草、火暴兽--烂泥、火球鼠--明岚等,让人感觉这玩起来根本不是同一个游戏。


  Like GTA, a game that involves a lot of drama, dialogue and text information, Chinese is a big headache for translators. In particular the lively street culture and the gang career, to the true feelings of the game player also brought not fit to be seen of foul language, which will undoubtedly increase the workload and the difficulty of processing. On the one hand, the translator, to fully understand the slang indispensable in American culture is the necessary skills; on the other hand, also consider whether the translated text can be accepted by the relevant departments of the state game player, after all, to its dregs is to deal with the state of some foreign culture. Happily, the domestic game market continues to grow, so that in the eyes of foreign game makers have increasingly attached importance to this highly dynamic treasure. Officials have been developing vigorously, nearly become the standard game publisher. But the quality is uneven also is hard to ignore, "stars" and "1.4" the official version of carpe diem because of "excessive force" and surprising. Language is the carrier of culture, players do not need to distort the original text, very "ground gas" translation, such a Chinese move to the table is irresponsible performance.像《GTA》这种包含大量的剧情、对话和文本信息的游戏,制作汉化也是令十分头疼的事情。特别是其中生动的街头文化和生涯,给玩家以真实感受的同时还带来了不堪入目的粗言秽语,这无疑加大了工作量和处理的难度。一方面,就而言,充分了解美国文化中不可或缺的俚语是必需的技能;另一方面,还要考虑好翻译出来的文字是否能被玩家、国家相关部门所接受,毕竟去其糟粕才是应对外来文化该有的态度。值得高兴的是,国内游戏市场的不断壮大,让看在眼里的国外游戏厂商也日益重视起这块极具活力的宝地了。官中得到了大力发展,几近成为游戏发行的标配。但其质量上参差不齐亦是难以忽视的,《群星》1.4版本和《及时行乐》的官中就因发力过猛而令跌眼镜。语言是文化的载体,玩家们不需要曲解原文、十分接地气的翻译,将这种汉化搬上台面即是不负责任的表现。


  The improvement of the quality of life allows players to start looking for deeper spiritual needs. Games are no longer just instructions and graphics, rich content and background stories make them glow with dazzling brilliance. "Assassins Creed" this unexpected product, but can develop into one of the enduring series, with its realistic play and a strong historical atmosphere is closely related. It brings players back to every corner of the middle ages, and the Crusades, the Knights Templar, and the assassins century conflict make every play so loud. Good translation plays a crucial role in trying to understand many of the details of the game. The translator should not only the transformation of languages, like the game player game also is not only the pursuit of the enemy with refreshing stimulation and clearance of the tread on air. The translator needs to realize that translation is the collision and blending of culture, in the process of localization in addition to the necessary to ensure their own professional knowledge, but also have to focus on the overall situation, have their own thoughts on the game content, the cultural differences in the proper way to show the game player, from the real sense to promote cultural exchange. This is the effect of the finished Chinese, but also a kind of inherent responsibility.现实生活质量的提高,让玩家们也开始寻找更深层次的需求。游戏不再只是单纯的指令和图形,丰富的内容和背景故事令其焕发出绚烂夺目的光彩。《刺客信条》这个意外的产物却能发展成为经久不衰的系列之一,与其写实的玩法和浓厚的历史气息是紧密相关的。它将玩家带回到了中世纪的每一个角落,、圣殿骑士与刺客组织的世纪纷争让每一个玩过的人都大呼过瘾。要想真真切切地体会到游戏里的诸多细节,良好的翻译就起到了至关重要的作用。翻译不应只是文字的转换,就如同玩家对待游戏也不仅是追求杀敌的爽快刺激和过关的欣喜若狂。需要认识到翻译即为文化的碰撞、交融,在汉化过程中除了该确保自身掌握必要的专业知识外,还得着眼全局,对游戏内容有着自己的思考,把文化的差异以恰当的方式展现给玩家,从真正意义上做到促进文化的交流。这才是汉化所该有的效果,更是一种与生俱来的职责。

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